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STOP PRESS – two brand new courses :

Cryptics in Company – 23HEA012 
Solving cryptic crosswords is fun to do and provides a good work out for the mind. It exercises the memory and thinking skills — such as analysis, deduction and lateral thinking — and stimulates an interest in words, language and general knowledge. Each week Rupert and the class will solve a puzzle together. Beginners welcome. Tuesday mornings at Beaumaris Seniors fro 11 July.

Future Technology and Organic Worldview –  23HUM014
We are currently in a scientific revolution from which new science, and a new worldview is emerging. This fusion of physics, biology and evolution theory with computer science and space exploration technology will result in a fundamental transformation of our economy and worldview. A birds eye view is presented for discussion. Fridays 12.15pm at Beaumaris from 21 July to 15 September.

Enrol online or email us and we will add you to the class.