About Us

U3As are voluntary Seniors' Groups that provide educational, recreational and social programs. Each U3A is organised by and for people who can best be described as being active in retirement or semi-retirement, the third age of our lives.

Bayside U3A was established for people in their third age who are over the age of 50 and are retired or are semi-retired. Our Mission is to provide opportunities for seniors to learn, teach, share and to give mutual support to each other in a friendly and warm environment, regardless or ethnicity, religion, ability or disability.

Our courses cover a wide range of interest areas, from academic to physical and artistic activities. Our members enjoy both the intellectual engagement and the social aspect of our courses.

Bayside U3A is open to anyone who is retired or no longer working full time. No qualifications are required to join. Our courses are non-competitive, without marks or exams. We focus on enabling members to expand their knowledge in existing areas, and to explore new fields and activities.

Bayside U3A Inc.

ABN: 45856411505

Committee Members

PresidentSue Steele
Vice PresidentJoe Arnephy
TreasurerTony Aplin
SecretaryChris Birch
Course ConvenerSue Steele
Minutes SecretaryDee De George
Committee MemberRay Cupido
Volunteer ConvenorMary Downie
Committee MemberSandra Groves
Welfare OfficerKaren Hall
Committee MemberWarwick Harding
Committee MemberStephen Le Page
Committee MemberJohn Nurse
Committee MemberJennie Padley
Committee MemberRichard Potter
Committee MemberHelene Redding
Committee MemberDebra Star
Office Team LeaderChris Logan (ex-officio)
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